Drawings are appreciated although not required when you order sheaves, whether custom or stock. Please provide as many measurements as you can using our quote/order form as a guide. We will contact you to be clear on your needs before preparing our quote.  For a copy of our latest catalog, please fill out our contact form and we'll send one along. You can also send us any questions or comments through the same contact form. Thanks for your interest in our products. We look forward to serving you.  

We currently offer a variety of sheave types, and we will gladly manufacture your sheave to your design and specification.

  • Steel
  • Nylon
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Your custom requirement


  • Heavy Duty Needle Roller Bearing
  • Heavy Duty Needle Roller Bearing with Hardened Inner Race
  • Heavy Duty Needle Roller Bearing with Seals
  • Ball Bearing with or without Seals
  • "TIMKEN" Tapered Roller Bearing (Cone and Cup)
  • Your custom order


  • TYPE 1 Self Lubricating (oil impregnated/powdered metal)
  • TYPE 2 General Purpose Greaseable with Figure 8 Grease Groove

Did you know there are 9 different dimensions that factor into the specifications for a sheave? The central portion contains 3 important measurements: the shaft, the bore and the hub diameter. Then there's the groove, pitch and outside diameters as well as the groove depth. Measuring along another axis we need to determine the correct rim and hub widths. And finally, the size of the wire rope is important to consider. Once you have all these measurements at hand, we can determine if a standard size will fit your needs. Or you can just give us a call and we'll help you out!  If the sheaves we carry in our regular stock are not the right size for your purposes, please contact us for pricing on custom work. Or, you may fill out an order form with your specs and we'll gladly put together a quote for you.  

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Choose from our stock sheave sizes or we can manufacture your wire rope sheaves to your design and specifications. SELECTING FROM OUR STOCK SIZES OFFERS YOU QUICKER DELIVERY AND ECONOMY, or we can stock for your ongoing requirements. Please complete this form and we will gladly quote.

Our primary business is sheaves. When you contact us, you're talking to the manufacturer, not the distributor or the order taker. We can discuss your specifications and answer your questions right away - with one phone call, not a series of calls back & forth through a middle man.   We have a location in Canada as well, so we can serve customers throughout North America without any headaches or delays through customs.   

Manufacturing sheaves for wire rope is our primary business. We have the capability to manufacture your sheaves to your design and specifications or you can choose your wire rope sheave from our large inventory.

We will gladly stock your wire rope sheave for your ongoing requirements.

Our wire rope sheaves are made from quality materials and machined to precise dimensions and tolerances in order to meet our high standards. In addition, we offer many other options to satisfy your sheave requirements, including choice of material, heat treating of the groove, case hardening, grease fittings, keyways and set screws, plating and many more. We also carry bearings and bronze bushings.

We pride ourselves on our many years of customer service, quick delivery, and a quality product at a competitive price. Since 1982.

Bear Equipment originally specialized in excavator and undercarriage crane parts. As our customers' demands for the supply of replacement wire rope pulley parts grew, we began specializing in sheaves. Today, wire rope sheaves is our primary business.  For a manufacturer of wire rope and cable sheaves and pulleys, speak with the manufacturing experts at Bear Equipment today!  

Call 1-800-498-3496 or contact us by email for more information.

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